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when I was working in Stockholm, I went to work in Finland, there, Santiago and I jumped in the Helsinki-Saint Petersburg bus that will lead us 6 hours later in Russia, and I was happy. I enjoyed Santiago’s company in a trip that I would anyway do by myself. After the border control in Finland and Russia and the double checking and surprised faces in front of our Colombian passports, we were in Russia, at 3 am the bus dropped us in the middle of saint Petersburg, where we realized where we were, and Friday night and all, we had to search a place to sleep.



Russia-SPB-2012-acolombiantraveler (3)We walked the streets, I immediately realized that people was friendly, staring at us and even talking to us, this never happened in Finland, a strange drunken guy called Basili even proposed to find the hostel with us, but after 20 minutes of his drunken chatting and his desire for taking us to other hostel, I got angry and I started searching the hostel by myself, It was very cold, 4 degrees and it was 4 am.

Next day we went out to walk the streets and meet our couch surfer host Naya. We were happy in the cold but sunny city, we found a lunch place where some girls nicely sold us Bosch soup and cold creppes. We ate in the window looking to Nevskiy Prospect Street.

In the city that the great Dostoevsky described so well, We met Naya, a smiling crazy girl, who took us to the main spots in the city, we walked and joked and smiled and took pictures, There was a just married couple walking the city and taking pictures, a sad scene for the humble of their dressing and the coldness and the grey spots in the sunny day,  Naya promised a Halloween party at night, so we went to slug neigberhoods to find her custom, a walk in streets we would had never found, I bought a fake moustache, that was all our custom dressing.

Russia-SPB-2012-acolombiantraveler (7)We jumped in an old dirty mini bus, the girls were shame of it, but we told them it was same than Colombia, I noticed it was same, but with Mongolian faced people, cyrilic writing and unknown streets. Before entering the building we stopped at a shop, where a drunken old man aborded Naya, she said she will explain later, we bought 3 liters of wine and some eggs, onion and tomatos for colombian style eggs I wanted to cook next morning, she also spoke friendly to the cashier, outside, with the old man again, she told me they were lovers and she was the messenger.

Russia-SPB-2012-acolombiantraveler (8)The building, an old (1950??) building with asfalt non tuned stairs, and a beautiful single-girl appartment. Smoking wasn’t banned at all, and more girls started to arrive while naya started cooking and they prepared the “glieg” (or something like that) a hot wine with apple, and off we drank it all. Naya was cooking, smoking and getting angry if I helped, the girls started preparing their and our customs and the night seemed promising, hot wine got over and 2 more bottles of wine, we ate a delicious kind of pastrige perfect for our hunger, we then went out towards the party place.. we walked about 45 minutes and it was very cold, but they arranged some wine in the way, we all happy and shouting, Santiago confessed He doesn’t like drunken stupid people, but I didn’t care. The promised place was full and a long queue to get in, so we went to a low profile street, in the way we meet 3 more girls, young and extremely hot and happy… Craziness in the streets and the problems begun to be also promised…

We went to a second bar, full, and there was a horse tettered in the door (What??), Naya and some girls went in but we were stopped and pushed out by the bouncer, (She had the apartment keys where all our luggage is) We couldnt miss the apartment key holder Naya.. but she went out soon and we went to another bar, paid 100 rubles and got in a crazy 3 levels place. Then chatting, little dancing and some vodka, of course. hours later no idea why but she came with the news of some friend of hers delivering a baby just in that moment, so she will go to support her and come back in some hours, Santiago and Me said, no fucking way, we go with you, discussions, confusion and fear of getting lost in Russia without our bags and passports, but we were packed in a taxi with another girl and we went home, I cooked my eggs for all three and they were delicious, then we went to bed, Naya came back hours later, I couldn’t sleep much due to the tabaco smell and cat’s hair in the bed, it was uncomfortable, so I got up at 10 and took a shower after searching for the gas heater myself in the dirty apartment and I was again very hungry.

Russia-SPB-2012-acolombiantraveler (11)We finally said goodbye and thanks and went out, I realy knew the way back to the center and we had a map and much hunger. This day I was chatting with Santiago, walking and eating. At night we meet another couch surfer called Victoria, pretty and nice, coffe shop style girl, it was very cold, so we drunk a coffe and cake, we also book our 20 euro bus ticket to Helsinki and at 9:20 we jumped in the bus. double border control and questions about why 2 Colombian are crossing the border to Europe and 9 hours later we were safe at home in Helsinki



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