March in Helsinki.March in Helsinki.

Why Did I go to Finland?

March, 2012, is my 2nd time in Finland, this time I will stay 3 months. The company I work for sent me here to do some work, which happened to be very difficult. For many days I had to take a morning train from my house in Helsinki to another city called

Porvo town near HelsinkiPorvo town near Helsinki

Finland-Winter (5)Finland,  3 months so far, It is June and I feel cold, I have felt cold since last September, not complaining, but being a Colombian (don’t forget the fact that Bogota is 20 degrees average, 25 max), I dont have the winter in my blood, Christmas in Colombia has always been another month, 20 degrees average, with a lot lot amount of Christmas lighting, more parties than usual, Christmas food shared here and there by aunts and neighbors, a little more robbery than usual in the streets, and Christmas has been the whole December, including gifts opening on 24th midnight, anyway nothing related to cold and snow.

To describe my day:

Woke up at 7:30 am, I share the apartment with 2 Chinese, never caring if they take showers or not, I managed to take first the bathroom, then some yogurt with muesli and ready to go for the 65a bus from my Island (Lauttasaari) to the office. Working as usual there, lunch at 12, sometimes alone, today with some finish guys, lunch takes 20 minutes, they qoue,  pay, sit and eat, then they feel strange and they go, no time to chatting, anyway, there was 10 minutes chatting today. Yesterday we made it work what ?I came here for, so we went sailing to celebrate! well, a small motor boat owned by the finish manager, him, me and 3 other Chinese, we traveled to a near island, walked through the streets and historical places looking for a bar or coffee shop (we didn’t find any) and then went back home, we got lost in the sea but we arrived safe.

I recently feel again how it feels to walk with no sand in the streets, they put little stones everywhere to fight the snow in the pavement, so winter means: a big jacket, never forget the gloves at home, a cap in cold days, good shoes, sand in the pavement and a long snow melting, Snow was gone 1 month ago, it is weird but now I don’t remember so well how it was it in winter.

I found a great book, I was desperate since i finished 1Q84 here, but I found a public library with books in Spanish, so I went just before it closed and picked 1 book from the shelf, I love to feel the books and chose one, this one is amazingly good, I like it, I mean, it is called “el desorden de tu nombre”.Finland-Winter (9)Well, I was saying, lunch, then more work, at 6 I usually have Chinese dinner, we have a Chinese chef and food is really good, and much better than going home and cook or eating expensive outside. I took the bus back to home, grabbed my bicycle and went for a riding, not so much energy today but I needed to feel the ramp I have 10 minutes away and some fresh air. I am now back home, it is 23:00 and still clear outside.

I could write much about Helsinki, I am an observer, i notice behaviors, I discover new things in the streets, things that only a foreigner could notice, things that only a Colombian could notice.Finland-Winter (6)

March in a bike ride dayMarch in a bike ride day

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