Prisoners in Cambodia
Brief history of Cambodia, Breve historia de Camboya

In the picture: Maybe innocent prisoners. 1/4 of the population was murderer in 1973. People was taken to prisons or labor fields, to die.

Cambodia, a small country in South east Asia, with a sad recent history, that goes like this:

– 1867: France controls Cambodia (and other countries around)
– 1941: Germany invades France, Japan invades Cambodia.
– 1945: Germany and Japan lose the War. France returns to Cambodia.
– 1953: Cambodia gets intependence!
– A comunist party called Kmer Rouge starts a guerilla.
– 1969-1973: USA starts bombing Cambodia, killing many, to stop the Vietnam supply lines.
– 1975: Guerilla takes the control, USA leaves Cambodia. Kmer Rouge communist group takes the power, the leader name: Pol Pot. Same day Pol Pot order the following:
– Cities should be evacuated. Everybody to work the country side.
– No more currency, money is illegal.
– Technology is prohibited.
– Arrest and murder for: teachers, business men, educated people, foreigners, etc.
– 1/3 of the population was murderer.
– 1978: Vietnam invades Cambodia to fight crazy Pol Pot and liberates the country.
– 1991: Vietnam leaves Cambodia.

More pictures from my trip to Cambodia.

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